The regulations


The Ducati Speeddays are organised by WSB-SPORT GmbH.
The latest details of the event can be found at and
The contact details are as follows:

WSB-SPORT GmbH, Furth 6, A-3281 Wieselburg-Land (Austria).
UID No. ATU71650616, Company Register No. 462665S, Regional Court St. Pölten
Managing Director Günther Sieder, Tel: +43 664 15 42 401  


All participants must be physically and mentally capable of driving a motorbike under competition conditions. The participant assesses his or her suitability in this respect himself or herself and on his or her own responsibility. The participation of minors is only possible with the written consent of their legal representatives. Young people before the age of 16 must provide proof from a sports doctor that they have the mental and physical abilities to drive a motorbike under racing conditions.

All participants are subject to an absolute ban on alcohol and drugs (0.0 per mille) during the race. The organiser is entitled to carry out alcohol and drug controls. The transfer of the motorbike to third parties without valid registration is prohibited. Participation in the riders' briefing is obligatory for every participant.


Races of different classifications will be started together, but will be judged separately in the listed classes. An overview of models and classifications can be found in the Timetable and Registration section.


By taking note of these terms and conditions, the legal representatives of underage participants confirm that they are aware of the risks and dangers of motorsport and the organiser's event and that they accept full responsibility for their son or daughter and their actions. They thereby release the Organiser and the co-organisers from any liability - except for intentional or grossly negligent behaviour.


The Ducati Speeddays will be held in Cremona from 11 to 14 August 2023. Participants will have access to the paddock from 19:00 on Thursday 11 August. Registration can be done on Thursday between 09:00 and 22:00 and on all other days between 09:00 and 21:00 in the WSB Operations Box. The relevant documents and, if applicable, the pit key will be handed out in the course of registration, as will the transponder required for timekeeping, which must be fitted to the motorbike. The currently valid timetable will be posted in the WSB Operations Box.



The starting position will be determined by the best lap time achieved during the timed practice sessions of this event. The starting grid will be determined by lap time only, irrespective of the class in which the rider is classified. If a rider does not have any timed laps, he will be placed on the grid behind the last qualified rider. In case of several non-qualified riders, the order of these riders will be drawn by lot at the end of the starting field.

The time will be taken by means of a transponder. The transponder will be handed out at registration. In case of loss or damage, the participant is obliged to pay compensation. Lap times and starting positions can be followed live in the organisation box or on a laptop via the "WLAN network" in the paddock. The range depends on the structure of the buildings.


The race procedure is as follows:

  • 5 minutes before start time: First call for competitors to line up in the pit lane.
  • 2 minutes before start time: Second call to line up in the pit lane.
  • The starting field will be led into the warm-up lap with the pace bike, which may not be used under any circumstances. In the warm-up lap, the starting order must be maintained throughout the entire lap. The gaps to the next should be as small as possible.
  • OVERTAKING IS PROHIBITED IN THE WARM-UP LAP! Violations will be penalised with at least 10 penalty seconds per overtaking.
  • The pace bike will enter the pit lane at the end of the warm-up lap and the lights will be switched to green. Once this has occurred, the overtaking ban will be lifted after the start line.

Participants who were not able to take up their starting position in time may follow the field after all riders have passed from the pit lane. During the start no one is allowed to stand directly at the pit wall. Any instructions given by the track staff must be obeyed in any case. During the race, the number of laps remaining until the end of the race will be displayed at the finish. The race will be finished with the black and white chequered flag. The final lap must be completed at reduced speed. Surprising line changes in the final lap have led to serious accidents in the past and must be avoided at all costs.

If the number of laps is reduced or the race is stopped, the race will be restarted if the race distance is less than 50%. In this case, the race distance will be equal to the remaining laps. If less than two laps have been completed, the race will be run again for the full distance of 8 laps. In the event of any infringement of the rules, the race management or the organiser will decide on the consequences.



Only participants with impeccable equipment and a technically impeccable motorbike that is safe to operate are eligible to participate. Mandatory are helmet with E-mark, gloves as well as customary leather clothing with protective protectors and boots. The following is a prerequisite for operating the motorbike on the race track:

  • Coolant must be replaced with distilled water.
  • Oil drain plugs and oil filter must be tightened, tight and secured.
  • Brake caliper bolts must be secured with threadlocker.
  • Engine breathers must be original or professionally placed in a container.Headlights, mirrors, indicators and lights must be covered in an opaque manner.
  • Start numbers must be attached to the front of the vehicle
  • In case of rain or wet roads, rain or tread tyres shall be used

Each participant is obliged to check his motorbike thoroughly before entering the race track, in particular to adjust the tyre pressure to the race conditions, to check the brakes and the brake pads and to make sure that everything on the vehicle is tight, all screws are secured and cotter pins are in place.


The start number must be clearly legible at the front and at the rear of the vehicle. The colour, font and background can be chosen freely. Any desired start numbers must be agreed upon with WSB-Sport.


There are no restrictions regarding tyre type, brand and dimension. The organiser WSB-Sport will offer tyres for sale on site. The tyres will be mounted by the partner located on the race track.


Costs, the general terms and conditions and further details about the handling can be found on the website of WSB-Sport:



The instructions of track personnel must be followed at all times! No rider may endanger or hinder another rider; in particular, consideration must be shown towards slower riders. When overtaking, the faster rider is obliged to be careful. Whoever violates the rules listed here will be excluded from participation in the event without reimbursement of costs. In the event of technical problems or engine damage, the vehicle must be stopped immediately.

In particular, the organiser is entitled to exclude the participant from the event immediately in the event of the following violations:

  • Non-compliance with the rules of conduct
  • disregard of flag signals
  • unsportsmanlike conduct,
  • disregarding the instructions of the organiser or the course security staff
  • disregard of the time schedule
  • Non-compliance with the night-time rest period (after 11 p.m.)
  • non-participation in the drivers' briefing
  • Violation of the provisions of these terms and conditions

Exclusion obliges the participant to leave the event site immediately. There is no entitlement to a refund of the participation fee or to reimbursement of other expenses incurred by the participant for his/her participation.


The participant acknowledges that he/she participates in the event at his/her own risk. He/she is aware of all the risks and dangers of motorsport and the event. The risk and consequences of injury and the risk of damage to his/her equipment and motorbike shall be borne by the Participant and the Participant waives any right to claim damages of any kind against the Organiser or its co-organisers.

The participant is liable for all damage to property and personal injury caused by him/her to other participants, the organiser or other persons during the event for whatever reason. The organiser shall be liable for damage caused by him or his assistants intentionally or through gross negligence. The organiser shall not be liable for slight negligence.

Each participant must have a valid health insurance with foreign coverage. The conclusion of accident insurance including the risk of participation in racing events (details below) and liability insurance with appropriate cover is recommended.



The organiser has the exclusive right to make or have made recordings of participants (visual, audio or film recordings) of any kind on the entire event site and to publish these for advertising purposes in print media or via social media and the internet.

The participant expressly acknowledges the copyright of the organiser and agrees to the publication of recordings.

Should recordings be made of the participant or his/her companions, the organiser reserves the right to prohibit the publication of such recordings.


This information is not an exhaustive extract. In principle, the participant accepts all the terms and conditions of the organiser WSB-Sport Gmbh which can be seen in full on

The organiser reserves the right to issue supplements, amendments or special regulations if necessary.